Prayer helps us in many ways. Victory Family Church believes that we can accomplish a lot through God through the use of prayer! We offer prayer in many ways. Every Sunday morning in the sactuary join us in corporate prayer, led by JoAnne Pandich from 10-10:20am in the Sanctuary. Pray for our service, those involved, and our leaders and volunteers.

We have recently added another corporate prayer session on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm!

Unsure how to pray or what to pray for? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Slides are put up on the screen if you need guidance, or seek out one of our ushers or leaders for help.

?Want to do more? Become a Victory Family Church First Responder! Like our brave fire fighters, police, and other service men and women who rush to a scene of those in help, our First Responders do the same thing but in prayer. Sign up at Victory Family Church or see JoAnne Pandich for more information.
First Responders are notified when a need arrises through email, text, or a phone call as crises and needs arise.
Need Prayer? Fill out the form below and it will be forwarded to the appropriate leaders and volunteers!